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    Cascata delle Marmore

    The Marmore Falls is a human work created by the ancient Romans, who pierced the Marmore bank to reclaim the Rieti plain. The waters of the Velino river began to flow and so Rieti and the entire Terni basin were enriched with fertile land.

    A jump of about 300 meters in height that breaks on the rocks below and raises a cloud of dust of water that makes the air sparkling and the appearance of the rainbow is not uncommon, which manifests itself when the refraction of light through the droplets of water creates this magnificent spectacle.

    Terni, which was on the way to the Grand Tour, was an ideal stopover for the journey to or from Rome to Loreto. Illustrious characters drew inspiration from these tumultuous waters such as Goethe, George Byron, Thomas Roscoe and many others.

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    Valnerina Ternana

    Valnerina Ternana is a paradise for outdoor sports lovers. Between Arrone and Ferentillo outdoor sports have developed such as:

    • Rafting, with the only Rafting Center in Italy that has adhered to the strict quality standards CE ISO 9001
    • Trekking
    • Mountain bikes
    • Canoeing and Canyoning

    In Ferentillo, moreover, you can visit the suggestive Museum of Mummies where the mummified bodies of the ancient inhabitants of the town are preserved.

    The Abbey of San Pietro in Valle of Benedictine origin, is one of the valuable sites of the place for the Longobard finds that are preserved there.

    Finally, in Rosciano there is an adventure park where you can have fun on the Tibetan Bridges, an attraction for adults and children in complete safety.